Second year loses £2,000 drone at the bottom of the campus lake

It was shot down by a bird

A Notts second year has been separated from his £2,000 drone after it collided with a bird and crashed into the uni park lake.

Leo Lightfoot was taking advantage of our campus’ stunning views to take an opening shot for the official Varsity 2016 video when an avian assailant flew directly into the pricey drone.

To the delight of animal lovers the inconsiderate bird was unharmed, unlike the unfortunate drone which is currently residing deep in the middle of the lake.

Leo took to the buy/sell ticket page to alert people to the location of his drowned drone, receiving over 2,000 likes which are sure to make up for his tragic loss.

Speaking to The Tab, the American Studies and History student said: “I’m making the official video for both Uni of and Trent for the Varsity Series 2016. I started editing it yesterday so it’s done by the end of all the fixtures and a drone shot would be the best way to start it, going over the lake up to the Trent building.

Leo was filming for the Varsity 2016 video

“I got there early this morning, got it all setup, started flying and literally directly over the centre of the lake. Halfway through the shot a bird flew directly into it and it fell out the sky straight into the middle of the lake. The bird flew off fine, it was a well executed kamikaze on its part.

“At first I ran to the edge and took off my shoes and socks, then I thought lets be realistic, it’s dead. Then for about five minutes I just stood there laughing, it’s the only way to look at it.”

Leo uses the drone to shoot for Lightfoot Media, a freelance filmmaking company set up and run by him and his brother.

Canoeists attempt to find the drone

Floods of have-a-go heroes are attempting to recover the drone in a bid to make some money and for buy/sell fame, despite the fact Leo believes it is “definitely dead”.

He said: “There are random people in there right now looking for it. People have been messaging me saying they’d look for it.

“I’m tempted to start a Just Giving page to get donations, if everyone who liked the post gave £1 each I’d have a new drone.”

Get this man his drone back

Leo’s friend Jason White has made that wish possible and set up a page to raise money to replace the lost drone.

On the page, Jason said: “As you all know by now Leo’s drone was tragically struck by a bird/dinosaur when he was in the process of filming for this year’s varsity video and fell into the famous lake on campus.

“Leo has provided so many videos for the uni and others so I think he deserves to not have to shell out another 2K on a new one. Donations of any amount are appreciated, let’s get Nottingham’s ugliest cameraman a new drone.”

If you’d like to help Leo get a new drone, please donate at