Nottingham should have been everyone’s first choice

Bleed green and gold


When your friends set foot in Nottingham, they realise they made a massive mistake. This should have been their first choice. Why did they chose the mundane drug circles of Leeds or life surrounded by wanker bankers at UCL. Durham? Too boring. And why would you go to Oxbridge, you’re not a stuffy twat. Nottingham was your choice, and you’re glad you made it.

The most instagrammable campus of all time

From the Trent building in the summer sun, the Trent building in the snow, the Trent building with blossom, the Trent building across the lake, always with the Trent building. Students who have never set foot in Nottingham could identify Trent from Instagram alone.

Not to mention the downs, the lake, Jubilee’s ‘floating library’ and your starbucks cup in Hallward.

Seriously though, even Hallward can look majestic at sunset.

so majestic

so instagram

so notts

There’s no greater place to live than Lenton

Sure, halls are great and you could be sophisticated (boring) and live in Beeston.

But Lenton really is the place to be.  For friends visiting its long tree lined roads of Victorian terraced houses make it look like a place where ‘real people’, not just students, might live. To us its an uphill battle at the end of a long day with only Sainsbury’s offering any hope, so shit its actually wonderful.

Nottingham students continue to smash it after graduation too with top employers preferring Notts students over any other (including Oxbrige).

all it takes is a good filter (

Our nightlife is so good, other unis come to it

This one is a given really. Variety is the spice of life so they say and Notts boasts all kinds of variety in its night time offerings. Those less fortunate than us – students from Loughborough and Derby – willingly travel to Notts to experience our nights out.

Coco tang lets you pretend to be sophisticated and wear heels if you’re feeling really fancy.

Hockley Arts club and the other cocktail bars nearby have a similar edgy but expensive feel which sums up the whole of the university of Nottingham – edgy but expensive.

Crisis and its infamous all nighters, stealth and rescue rooms, bowery club, brickworks and oceana until you completely rinse the cheese room in the first few weeks of first year, the list goes on.

The world famous Ocean

The big O. What can we say, Ocean is a staple of Nottingham’s greatness. With it’s weirdly sticky carpet, too many VKs and hundreds of students swinging their shirts around their heads to a song you didn’t even know before freshers week – what’s not to love?

Where else in the country could you find students queueing in the snow for over 2 hours just to ride the ocean wave once more before 4 weeks off?

If nothing else Ocean proves Nottingham students’ dedicated nature and resilience.

ocean is life

An esteemed academic institution no less

Despite the obvious nightlife game, Nottingham is undoubtedly considered an esteemed academic institution. We’ve got a confirmed seat among other Russell group badge holders, which will most definitely get you hired when you leave us crying all the way from graduation.

And if you are into numbers, you’ll revel in the fact that we are sitting pretty within many a league table making the top 30 across the UK and EU, with a sprinkling of courses sitting amongst the top five in 2015 (big up the prospective Pharmacists, Veterinarians and whatever profession you go into with a Food Science degree).

Including one of only four Viking courses in the UK, the most varied English course, a masters in brewing beer and the most employable graduates in the country, we aren’t doing too badly.

Top 1% of universities in the world?

We’re pretty impressive tbh.

We don’t really hate Trent

We’re so far into this who even knows if it’s real or a myth, who even cares. They aren’t even a poly anymore, but don’t let that one stop you. If you go to Trent Ocean don’t even think about mentioning you go to uni of. They’ll be able to tell of course, they always know.


Varsity is so much more than a sports tournament. The time, once a year, when our rivalry with Trent can really be shown. Ice hockey tickets are harder to come by than end of term ocean tickets and we become die hard fans of sports we don’t actually know the rules of.

We unite to chant “Your dad works for my dad” and “you’re thick, you’re poor, you couldn’t even score, Nottingham Trent, Nottingham Trent” just to reinforce that top university elitism we love so much.


we won, obviously.

There’s always warmer climates to go to

As if you’d ever want to leave notts?! But if you do tired from the monotonous grind of everyday east midlands life, there is glimmer of hope.

The impressive global connections and extensive study abroad program are definitely one to boast about, in a vague attempt at enhancing your CV or just, you know: your life experience, understanding of the world and its many cultures, all that – or maybe just one big piss up, your choice.

Fancy finding yourself in China for a semester? Ditching the rain to bask in the same light as your literary greats in Venice? Or maybe having an absolute ripper on your year abroad in Oz?

Notts has got you covered.

just another campus ready for instagram fame