Describe your loosest night in three words

‘Beer, Lactose Intolerance, Shame’

We all have that one ‘drunkest night’ story that our friends always bring up constantly to humiliate us, causing us to re live the hazy tequila memories of shame…

We asked students to describe their drunkest night in three words/phrases. No judgement please, we’ve all been there

Ciaran Grant, History

“Church, Vomit, Forgiveness?”

Lowri Virk,  American Studies

“Friends Ex, MD, Tupperware”

Harrison Barber, Politics

“Dinner Jacket, Port and Policy Society, Classy”

Rhys Thomas, English

“Tequila, Wrestling, Friendship Over”

Hiroshi Moody, English Language and Literature

“Unconscious, Hair Stylist, Bleach”

Maria Nedic, International Relations

“Regret, Lost Dignity, Goodbye Morals”

Paige Portal, Economics

“Regret, Completely Lost, Chunder”

Max Church, Humanistic Counseling Practice 
“Beer, Lactose Intolerance, Shame”