It’s official: Forum is the fourth worst club in the UK

Does anyone even go?

Nottingham’s Forum is the fourth worst nightclub in the whole of the United Kingdom.

In what is potentially the least shocking result ever, over 1,500 people came together to voice their opinion on the bad side of British nightlife.

Forum can proudly claim a place in the top five, gracefully preceded by Pop World (nationwide), Space (Leeds) and Acapulco (Halifax).

For a small city, Nottingham’s nightlife is always generally on point, but The Forum has been a dismal stain on the credentials of our city for too long a time now, as this poll further proves.


It’s actually hard to pinpoint what makes Forum so bad, perhaps its the shin-high podiums scattered haphazardly around the dance floor, or maybe its the lingering smell that you can’t quite put your finger on.

All in all it’s just a generic club that is 10 a penny in most UK cities.

But there is something specific about Forum that makes it funny to laugh at, it’s a staple of our whinging that goes hand in hand with catered halls food and the wait for a 34 in the morning.

Now, at long last, there is an aura of credibility to its awfulness.

Louise Wilkinson wrote of The Forum on Facebook the following review: “Forum is where the party is at! Banging tunes and great drinks! Overall great party atmosphere! Mint night every time!”

Sadly Louise, not everyone agrees with you.