Why you should join The Tab Nottingham next term

We give Andy Hoe honorary degrees

The Tab Nottingham takes pride in doing proper journalism. We don’t want people sitting behind their keyboards bashing away, we make you get out into the city you live in. We interact with students and find out what’s important to them.

Why wouldn’t you want to write for the largest student newspaper in the country? We’re the only platform left for genuine debate at university, representing multiple viewpoints on campus.

Sam Dean – Former Nottingham Editor, City university Journalism grad and Trainee on The Daily Telegraph grad scheme


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It can’t be a coincidence that three of the four graduates hired by The Telegraph last year came from The Tab.

Student media is traditionally the home of stodgy, boring think-pieces written by people looking to tick a box on their CV, and that’s not the type of journalism that is going to get you a job.

Journalism is speaking to people, finding stories, leaving your desk and writing something people actually want to read, rather than what people want to write. That’s where The Tab comes in.

The best, most honest advice I was ever given as a Tab writer was this: no one cares what you think. But that doesn’t mean The Tab is just for die-hard wannabe hacks. It’s also for any student looking to have some fun, ruffle a few feathers and meet some new people.

I may be completely biased, but you won’t regret joining The Tab. It was by far and away the best decision I ever made at university – despite some ludicrously stupid features which I may never live down – and if you’re considering a career in journalism or the media, I couldn’t recommend it any higher.

Hannah Rought – Former Nottingham Editor, Digital Content and Marketing Assistant, Time inc.


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I had some of the best nights out with my Tab teams, but apart from the hangovers, I learned a lot and wouldn’t have got my job if it wasn’t for The Tab, mainly because my editor loved it.

The Tab is seriously ahead of the game and the skills it gives its writers puts us all ahead of the game in the traditional media market that is desperately trying to keep up with the precedent it keeps setting.

Jasmin Anderson – Digital Marketing Assistant


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Never did I think that writing my first article for The Tab would help me kick start my life as a bodybuilder. Yes you heard that right. The Tab was good banter, and it actually did help me get a job after. Employers love those articles views. If you want something to do at uni that isn’t cliquey or judgmental, go write for The Tab.

Justin Guthrie – Trainee sports Sub Editor, The Daily Mail


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Aside from watching our esteemed news editor vomit into a pint glass mid-conversation during a Tab social, I’m not at all ashamed to say my favourite Tab memory was co-writing Finding pootopia: The best places to poo on campus. It was that kind of  irreverent satire that made writing for the Tab genuinely fun. Special mention for attempting a guerilla takeover of the SU.

Rhiannon Compton, Nottingham Editor of The Tab


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When I joined The Tab I never thought I would eventually become editor, but The Tab presents you with unique opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere. Some of my articles have got in national newspapers and my work as an editor sets me apart as I go into the world of work.

I’ve met some of the best people here at The Tab and have been fortunate enough to experience great things such as VIP Entry into No Tomorrow festival last year. The Tab is a growing franchise that you could become a part of.

Becca Waterman, Nottingham Editor of The Tab


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I started writing for the Tab in second year, soon becoming News Editor and then co-editor this year. The Tab has been such an amazing platform that has boosted by confidence in writing and editing and has also given me the opportunity to have a placement at their funky London offices and been really helpful when applying for grad schemes and internships.

I have met some of my favourite people at Uni through the Tab – some of which I may never have crossed paths with ordinarily. It is sociable, fun and a really rewarding thing to be a part of. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Tom Murray, Nottingham Editor of The Tab

Tom Murray

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Undoubtedly the best decision I’ve made at uni. In my first article with the Tab I managed to land an interview with a controversial billionaire embroiled in university affairs. At this moment my aspirations for journalism were cemented and my love for the Tab, bound.

I began writing for a different student news site, though I was proud of my work it quickly became apparent that absolutely no one had read it. The Tab is the greatest medium for student journalism because people actually read what you write, and connecting with an audience is what journalism is all about.

The Tab’s links in journalism are pervasive, I’ve already attained work experience at the largest press agency in the UK, and received help with various grad scheme opportunities from the team at Tab HQ.

Whether you’re interested in filling out your CV, a career in journalism or just in it for this years enormous socials, writing for the Tab is the perfect way to enhance your university experience.