What does your hat say about you?

Winter is coming

It’s bloody cold, you just want to wrap up in many layers, but sometimes you just want to go the extra mile with your headgear.

From beanies to those wide-brimmed beautifully crafted beings, this is the definitive guide to the seasonal headgear, ready to get you wrapped up from the winter chills (and what your choice means about you).

The beanie

From the structured slouch, to the avant garde obscure logo, you could probably cut someone on all that edge. Pair with some sports gear without having hit the gym once this semester, and you’ll fit in fine.

The cute one

Your mum probably got this in the sale in ASDA for you. I mean it does the job right? It’s cute and cosy, perfectly warm. Just makes you look a bit like a child. Leave that hat back in 2005 where it belongs.

The Fedora

Just no.

The bobble hat

If you’re not cool enough for a beanie but need something to shelter you, opt for the subtle bobble. Not too obscure, not too cheesy. Keeps your head warm without overdoing the whole “I’m hip” persona.

The baseball cap

Whether you’re formulating an opinion between Mac DeMarco chic or serious trucker vibes, if you want to hide the hangover head without people in your lecture outing you as a twat, this is the hat for you. Sheltering your face from rain, the perfect solution to our crap weather right?

The beret

Parisian chic or just coming back from your year abroad? You werk that gap-yah chic. Pair with stripes and some black coffee, obviously for an authentic look.