Hockey team strip off for a second time to shake homophobia out of sport

This year’s calendar is extra saucy

The Nottingham Men’s Hockey team are baring it all once again to raise awareness about homophobia in sport.

Following the success of last year’s calendar, the team were compelled to get involved with this year’s campaign, which meant stripping off for another saucy calendar.

Shake It Out 1

The Shake It Out campaign aims to address and combat homophobia, as well as promote LGBT+ inclusion in sports.

Shake It Out is the brainchild of Voice Your Rights, an award-winning charity led by student volunteers, who believe we should be able to live in a society in which every person is respected and treated as equals.

Shake It Out 5

President of the Men’s Hockey Team, Jack Tranter, said: “Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the University of Nottingham.

“Our links with he local community and reputation in the BUCS league put is in a really strong position to lead the charge in encouraging other clubs to get involved and address the issues of discrimination in sport.

Shake It Out 3

“I want us to be part of a sporting community where peoples’ passion and skill, rather than their sexuality and gender, is at the forefront of discussions.”

This year’s calendar is hotter than ever, and includes Sports Officer James Bramley getting naked in front of the camera

Shake It Out 4

Speaking to The Tab, Jack said: “The team were really supportive, this year we had social members for the first time so they all came down.

“It was a freezing cold afternoon, I needed two hands at the beginning and only one by the end.

Shake It Out 2

“It’s not like I had to sell it to the guys, I put it on the Facebook group and for once I actually got some likes.

“People have been sharing things on social media, we are fully behind it.”

Shake It Out 6

The calendar has been mostly funded by the Men’s Hockey team, with all the profits going back into the Shake It Out campaign.

Jack said: “The Warwick Rowers sell their calendar as a charity thing but they fund their club by it and then they donate some of the profits to charity.

Shake It Out 7

“Where as with last year, the agreement was all the money we raise from the calendar goes straight back into the campaign.

“There’s not a way for the Hockey club to make money, we just help fund the project as Voice Your Rights have a really small budget.”

Shake It Out 8

Voice Your Right’s naked calendar starring the UoN Men’s Hockey Team will be on sale at the start of December.

You will be abel to pick up a copy in the SU shop, in various places around campus and online.