Campus style: Boys edition

Did you make the cut?

The days are getting colder, Nottingham has become a Christmas wonderland despite the fact we are still in November.

You’re busier than ever with your deadlines, but with a new season comes new looks and new fashion trends.

Ronn Yeo, 1st year, Law


Ronn’s Tommy Hilfiger’ cardigan, and loafers was all he needs to pull off a smart casual look for this season.


Matthew Leake, 1st Year, Law


Matthew proves that the details can make every difference: accessories can make a huge difference to style up this winter. His turtleneck is a trend here to stay, warming up for the winter whilst looking chic.

Abel Hartman, 3rd Year, Politics & Economics


Abel shows how easy it is to engage in style; matching a red v cut t-shirt with his red bag, dressing up with a warm overcoat. Winter savvy!

Thomas Eastwood, 1st year, Law


Turtlenecks are definitely a hit this winter! Thomas’ colour pallet; wearing dark colours really lengthens his silhouette. He lighted up his outfit with some dusky Chelsea boots.

Archie Ashford, 1st year, Product Design


Archie got in the list for taking a step further in relation to jumper lovers: He wore a tie and a shirt on the inside: minimalistic and different. Very smart.

Jack Taylor, 1st Year, English & Creative Language


It is winter, we know the days are getting darker, but you can lighten up with blue tennis shoes and a colourful scarf like Jack has.

Ardi Farmanfarmaian, 2nd Year, Environmental Biology


Ardi shows how smart a student can look; Formal shoes and a nice blazer might be all you need to get a professional look and style up this season.

William Richards, 1st year, Natural Sciences.


William’s many shades of brown is so cosy for the winter; warming up with some neutral colours, staying away from the obvious with a checked shirt.