I will never go out in Nottingham wearing flats

Heels are a way of life

Now, I may come from a shitty little town that seems to have been forgotten on the clubbing map (big up Stoke) but when we go out, we go all out.

It’s expected that a girl will cripple herself to the point of not being able to walk for the rest of the week, when trying to slut-drop on the dance floor.

However, after being looked on with horror and disgust when strutting in my favourite heels in freshers last year, I figured Notts is not the place to don my six inchers.

The shock horror soon turned the other way when I saw the extent to which flats dominate. Trainers. Girls in trainers in a club. Lumberjack shirts, high-wasted shorts and trainers.

whole squad on fleek

Now, there is nothing wrong with these items of clothing in the day – or when you’re 14 going to your first gig – but seriously, hiding dem curves and those polished toenails under day time attire? Absolutely shocking behaviour.

I mean, why not just put on a little crop top and skirt, I promise it helps with booty shaking. Dressing up just that little bit is what separates the stressful student day from pissed-up nights.

Go heels or go home

Why would I wanna look like I’ve just come from a two hour lecture to Ocean?

That two hour make-up, outfit choosing, hair-doing process, while listening to all the songs you will soon be dancing to on repeat, is what gets me in the mood and makes me feel on fleek for the night.

Trainers are never ok

Of course, I’m not saying wearing your fave Kurt Geigers to Crisis is acceptable, but I do think some small heeled boots are the answer to all footwear problems in Notts.

They make your booty and legs look hot, they give you that bit of height over the haters, and they’re as comfy as any pair of sweaty Converses.

All hail the boot