Falling in love with your housemate is the worst thing you could do

Don’t shit where you eat

Everyone has a story about it. Whether it ended in a disaster last year with someone leaving or your mum met your dad at uni and expects you to follow suit, falling in love with your housemate is rarely as Hollywood as it seems.

If the temptation is too much, don’t get ahead of yourself. This could just be a case of forbidden fruit.
Try and resist the feeling that you’re in love straight away, it’s possible you just love the fact they’re the only other person in the house who washes up.

Remember that pre-drinks is the prime time for this budding obsession to fester. Try to stop yourself cosying up to them when pouring your next shot, or locking eyes when you neck your jagerbomb. Yes, the alcohol makes them more attractive, and you more confident but it’s infinitely messier.
cuddle me pls
But if you do find one of your housemates just too damn hot to resist, try to think of the unspeakable mess they leave in the bathroom, or the hair everywhere, or the time they were sick down themselves after Ocean.

Take things slow, find someone else, and before you know it you’ve graduated, moved out and it’s no longer an issue. Win.

Do actually take it slow though. A quick passionate fling might be fun but think how awkward it could be in a month’s time.
It didn’t just happen though did it. You planned this. Right down to your good underwear.

A drunken taxi right home, a cuddle over your cheesy chips and you’re in bed. Then it’s the morning and it’s happened.

The rest of your housemates already know so don’t be coy it’s just more irritating for them. No need to sneak around claiming “oh! We just watched Netflix and then I fell asleep.” They heard it. They know. Admit it.
caught in the act

Try to agree on boundaries early on – as much as you are still horny teenagers, try and be an adult about it. Is it just sex? A onetime thing? Or marriage? So many questions.

All along be considerate of your other housemates, while they may seem all for the budding romance, they secretly dread it happening and the inevitable fall out.

However, if this is just a friends with benefits situation, carry on shagging as much as you like, just make sure to get out of it before one of you catches all the feels.

On the flip side, if you do end up falling for a housemate and the feeling is returned – congratulations, you’re the exception.