How to nail hangover style

It’s a struggle

Spent all your money at Crisis, but you have a 9am on a Thursday What do you do? Sleep again?

Wake up, rock in style, put some makeup on to hide your hanging face and face your early lectures, well – because you should at least to pretend about the thing you’re spending £9,000 a year on.

Shannon Moffatt, first year, Film & Television Studies


There’s no better way to feel confident and stylish rather than with a Boho fashion style to rock up to UP – the formula for a stylish look. A wide brimmed hat can make an entire difference to hide your baggy eyes and still look chic.

Eva Holland, first year, Psychology


Eva looks ready to face her 9am seminar with a girly rock style. The dark colour pallet makes you look like you actually read that book your seminar teacher told you to, instead of downing jager bombs the night before.

Bianca Chan, first year, Pharmacy


Bianca show us how to ‘shake it off’ your hangover with an ethnic stamp dress . There’s no way to get wrong with this combo; a v cut dress and a cardigan will make you look sweet enough to power through the day.

Gina Clare, first year, Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Gina smashed in style with a monochromatic look, wearing her trendy turtleneck fur jumper. Chic, cosy, trendy and cool. Easy to pick, comfortable to wear and great to warm up for this season and from the night before.