Notts Feminists have set up tampon stations around campus to protest ‘luxury item’ status

About bloody time

UoN feminists have set up emergency tampon stations over campus to bring into the spotlight the concern of tampons being taxed as ‘luxury item’. 

According to Phoebe Greggor, one of feminists behind the scheme member is to: “raise awareness of the problematic nature of classifying tampons as luxury items, which I am sure anyone who has periods can agree that they are not.”


Phoebe embracing the campaign, literally.

About the initial process of this campaign, she said: “These first 8 tubs will make a difference. We want them to be self-sustaining by using an honour system, this way we can keep them running as long as possible”.

The system is simple, if you have any spare tampons, put them in the tubs, this way you will be helping someone else and if someday you need one, there will be a tampon for you. In Phoebe’s words, “we’ve already had people saying they are life savers!”

The tubs in Portland

The tubs in Portland

When asked about what the society did so far to help those who are less fortunate, Phoebe said:  “Currently we are collecting sanitary products for the homeless, as it is difficult enough not being able to afford food and shelter, then adding the price of tampons and pads on top of this is even more problematic.


The first tubs being placed around Portland

“UoN Feminists and the Women’s Network have already worked with the SU shop and they agreed to not sell tampons and pads with VAT, it would be great to see all shops across all campuses do this too.”