How much do you spend on food? Notts vs. Trent

Nom nom nom

We asked students from Trent and Uni of how much they spend on food each week. Are we more flash than them? Is it a Waitrose/Sainsbury’s basics scenario?


Will – second year, Environmental Science

Most weeks like £30 in Sainsbury’s. Chicken is my most expensive thing I reckon but I do buy ice cream, just vanilla though, I’m on a buget!

Alex, second year, Architecture


Like £25-30 in Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Meat is most expensive unless I buy alcohol but that’s not a weekly thing. Ice cream is my guilty pleasure – caramel flavour.

Sam, first year, History

I’d say about £40 for 2 weeks, usually i go Tesco in Beeston but sometimes just a corner shop. Meat is really expensive or alcohol if I’m buying that. Ice cream is my weakness, Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough or rosé wine.

Erika, third year, Law

Usually about £50 a week and Sainsbury’s  is closest so there. The most expensive thing for me is cereal and dairy milk chocolate buttons are definitely my guiltiest buy!

Christian,  second year, Architecture

It’s a lot, I shop at Tesco but I buy food on campus like everyday, maybe about £50 a week. Meat is most expensive, a lot of meat. I actually went vegetarian for a month last year to save money but I couldn’t hack it – bacon is too good. I eat a fry up for breakfast all the time.

Paul,  first year, History

£50 a week in Asda. The most expensive thing I buy is pans – it was a Tefal non stick pan last week so that was £70 last week, but usually chicken is the most expensive. Blueberries are my guilty pleasure so not so guilty.


Richard, second year, Psychology


I shop at  Asda and it’s usually a £45 shop. My most expensive item is always vodka.

Kim, second year, Graphic Design


Asda mostly and its about £25 most week. Wine is the most expensive thing I buy.

Caspher, first year, Accounting and Finance


I shop at Tescos and its about £25-30 for a week. Chicken is pretty expensive so I’d say that is the most expensive thing I buy.

Adam, first year, Accounting and Finance


Tescos and its pretty cheap, like £15. The most expensive thing is chicken usually.

Lauren, second year, Fashion marketing and branding.


I do a weekly shop for like £40 to £45 in Sainsburys or Asda. My most expensive item is chicken but my guilty pleasure is wotsits or ice cream.

Agata, second year, Fashion marketing and branding


Sainsburys and its about £30 with fish as my most expensive item. But I get magnum ice cream as a treat so that would be my guilty pleasure.

Olivia, second year, Fashion communication and promotion


I spend about £30 Sainsburys or Asda. Vodka is the most expensive thing I buy but cheese would be my guilty pleasure, either Halloumi or Mozzarella.