The F-off hill on The Downs is the worst thing about Notts

You lazy bastards

Last week we asked you ‘What’s the worst thing about going to Nottingham?’,  over a thousand of you voted, the results are in and they’re unequivocal.
With a magnanimous 19.75% of the votes: its the Fuck Off Hill of course.fuck off hill billy
Yes, its plagued everyone at one point or another, be it that dreaded walk to 9AMs from halls, the insurmountable slope on your bicycle or the unconquerable mountain on the way to Hallward, the Fuck Off Hill has made rosy-cheeked, breathless fools of us all.
Beating off stiff competition from the likes of time-defying waits for the 34 and oh-so-forgettable nights in Forum, this really was a landslide victory.

Belligerent Notts locals stole second place with a strong 14.84 per cent of the vote, closely followed by student sweatbox- Forum nightclub, reaping a respectable 11.37%.

Surprise last place with a petty 3.3 per cent of the vote was the queue for Starbucks in Hallward but we can only assume this is because people are too busy looking for seats to stop for coffee.

Confirming everyone’s suspicions then, students are united in their embarrassing detestation of physical exertion on the most basic level. Here’s to us.