Third year rescued after car crash by anonymous good samaritans

They carried him to the side of the road

A Nottingham third year was involved in a car accident Friday night on the way home from Ocean.

Jamie Leboff, who is 20 years old and studies Management, was on his way back from the nightclub with friends, when their taxi was hit by a van which had ran through a red light. Their vehicle was hit side on and caused substantial physical damage to Jamie and his group leaving him with a broken shoulder and other minor injuries

Jamie, who is from North London, suffered the accident alongside a group of friends

Jamie  said: “I went through the passenger window and landed on my shoulder, head and hip. I jumped straight up and went back to the taxi to see how my friends were.”


Despite unfortunately suffering a broken shoulder, the extent of Jamie’s injuries could have been much worse had it not been for the good actions of some fellow Notts students.

A group of three helped Jamie up and got him to safety, out of the way of traffic.


The incident took place at the crossroads between Derby Road and Lenton Boulevard

He told us: “I was helped to the pavement by other uni students who made sure I was kept in a safe position until the ambulance could attend to me. I’m incredibly grateful to the people who helped me. Without them my injuries would be much worse than what they are.”

He reached out on Buy/Sell tickets and the mysterious helpers got in touch. At Jamie’s request, the identities of the good samaritans will remain anonymous. However, he said: “I can tell you I’ve been in contact with them and they’ve been incredibly gracious and modest about what they did for me.”