Every Halloween costume you’ll see out tonight

Werk it

It’s that time of year again. Time to pull out the sexy kitty ears.

Here’s Notts’ definitive list of Halloween costumes for the last minuters, full on fancy, and sass Queens.

The Throwback one

#ThrowbackThursday. What better to celebrate your childhood pleasure with costumes to spice up any Halloween? Good use of DIY props, very student savvy.


The Easy one

Basic bitching is way of going sexy without full on risqué. This cheeky combo of costumes is simple to do, requires minimal effort and you don’t need to wipe off blood all weekend.

The Patriotic one
Nothing screams our pride and joy more than the buses our lazy arses rely on constantly. Just remember to have a quid handy (for shots shots shots shots shots).
The Weird one
A touch of class and a bit of sass. No one knows what you are, and when you explain you just get awkward smiles, but you tried. A Valkyrie and a Sexy Viking ARE A THING.
The Scary one
If you have the time and money on your hands go ahead. Plus you’re more than likely to scare the shit out of everyone, the whole point of Halloween right?
The Traditional one
Nothing beats wrapping yourself in loo roll to look like you’ve risen from the dead. Is that a bone or are you just happy to see me?
The Sexy one
Who needs scary when you can look fine as hell. Sexy anything works just because you look fabulous. You werk that sexy pumpkin gurl.
The Zombie one
A bunch of man-eating zombie lunatics going crazy at Crisis? Hold onto your blood because themed zombies are taking over the town.