Nearly half of Nottingham girls have been sexually assaulted

Two thirds of you think lad culture is a problem at uni

Almost half of girls at the University of Nottingham say they have been sexually assaulted, according to a poll by The Tab.

In the survey, 46 per cent of girls  have been sexually assaulted.

The massive poll also showed that 16 per cent of girls had been raped.

The startling results reveal that Nottingham was joint third uni for the most sexual assaults.

On lad culture, 68 per cent of Notts students said there was a problem, but a slim majority of 54 per cent believe consent classes should not be compulsory.

One anonymous respondent from Notts said of her experience: “The university made sure he didn’t come near me again and couldn’t speak to me.

“They listened and were there for me, making sure I knew I wasn’t the one in the wrong.”

Talking about a sexual assault, another said: “It’s always a stranger, usually someone walking past so you don’t actually know who did it, or a guy that comes up behind you grinding on you and feeling you up.”

Responding to the figures, History finalist Rhiannon Compton said: “Shocking stats but fits the reality – getting groped in clubs is a common occurrence.”

Nationally, the same survey revealed a quarter of people said it was OK to make rape jokes, and while the amount of girls who said yes fell to 16 per cent, 57 per cent of boys said it was fine.

Nearly every girl said they’d been groped in a nightclub, 95 per cent, while one in five boys admitted groping someone.

We asked if anyone arrested for a sexual offence should remain anonymous until they are convicted and 84 per cent said yes.

Nearly everyone said you shouldn’t be expected to sleep with someone if you go back with them after a night out. And 95 per cent said someone is never ‘asking for it’ because of the way they are dressed.