Second year architect’s £2700 motorbike stolen from campus

It’s called Lara and she really misses it

A second year student has been left heartbroken after her black Honda MSX 125 motorbike was stolen on University Park Campus outside the architecture building.

Angelica Sacrepaye, who is 20 years old and from London, left the architecture building last Friday to grab lunch and noticed two suspicious males hanging around campus.

The thieves took the bike, which is two thirds of the size of a normal bike, after she left it alone for just 10 minutes.

Angelica on the bike

Angelica on the bike

Angelica told The Tab: “As I walked to the cafe I noticed two males on a 2015 white BMW bike, riding around the area quickly and scanning around. My gut told me that these guys were up to no good, and I even said aloud ‘I hope they don’t drive up to architecture, because they’ll see my bike.’ Just 10 minutes later, I was walking back, I did a quick check on my bike and it was gone.”

The Tab Bike 2

This is the bike that was cruelly taken

Her experience became even more traumatic as she came face to face with the thieves. She said: “I heard a hum nearby, and I followed the sound a few meters away to a dead end, where I spotted the two white males. One taller, stockier male. One smaller, skinnier male. Dark helmets, dark tracksuit, trainers. One was sitting on the getaway bike, one was on mine.”

“By that time, they had already started my bike up, having smashed my steering lock and disc lock. I tried to stand in the way to stop them, but they just drove at me and I thought I was going to get run over, so I moved. They then exited campus via a pedestrian entrance.”

Enjoying the bike

Enjoying the bike

Angelica,  was understandably distraught, especially after she had spent the entire summer working 40 hours a week to save up and buy the bike with her own money. She describes the experience as if “it was like someone has sucked all the air out of me,” and states that she has experienced sleepless nights of distress since the incident.

So far the case has turned up no leads. Despite Angelica smartly recording the number plate of the thieve’s getaway bike, GL57 OAM, the plate came up as unrecognised. CCTV footage was also available, but turned out to be no help.

Angelica has been proactive in attempting to find her bike, telling us: “I have tried to spread this all over Facebook as much as I can – posting in groups such as Nottingham Biker Groups. I have even came across two men who have also had their bike stolen within the last 2 days. Their bikes were small, attractive looking pit bikes – just like mine – proving it’s obviously the same group of people.”

She added: “They need to be caught. I’d rather have my bike back broken than for the them to keep hold of her. My boyfriend named her Lara (after Lara Croft), because of the little trooper that she is. I hope that she lives up to her name and comes home.”

The Tab is aiding Angelica in her quest for the return of her bike, and to bring the thieves to justice. If you have any information regarding this situation please email us at [email protected], or alternatively contact the police or Angelica directly.