IR third year accidentally sends her £300 camera to ASOS

She just wanted to return some clothes

A  third year tried to returned some clothes to ASOS, only to discover she had mistakenly sent her £300 camera along with them.

Gabriella Ahmed found out about the mistake when they emailed her yesterday, weeks after she posted her Nikon with the returns.


She said: “The camera was with loads of clothes I returned for a photoshoot.

“I didn’t notice it was missing at all, I’m really careless though.

“I genuinely don’t remember putting it there, it was kind of like how the fuck did that happen.

“It was my 18th birthday present and cost about £300.”


Gabby praised the company’s customer service, who probably had a laugh at her expense in the office.

She said: “I called them up and confirmed it all, but they don’t have a phone number so I had to stalk Google for ages.

“Their customer service is super helpful.

“They returned like three packages for me so I’m not complaining”


Gabby also forgot to inform ASOS she moved house, so her camera will now be sent to the wrong address.

She added: “My camera is being sent to my old address because I moved house over summer, so I’ve got to sort that dilemma out when it gets to it.

“I was meant to use it for a photoshoot and a gig next week.”

This isn’t the first time Gabby has botched an ASOS return.

Gabby said: “I’ll try to be more careful in the future but it has happened before.

“Once I returned a dress I wanted to keep so I fucked that up.

“Goodness knows how I’ve managed through life so far.”