Nottingham’s favourite sex position is cowgirl

The men of Notts are even lazy in the bedroom

The favourite sex position in Nottingham is cowgirl, according to a new survey.

In a poll by online pharmacy UK Medix, 38 per cent of people in the region admitted they preferred having the girl on top over other sex positions.

The new survey has revealed the nation’s favourite sex position, how many people practise safe sex and how kinky they perceive themselves to be.


People of the East Midlands were found to be quite adventurous compared to the rest of the country, as the nation’s favourite was the unimaginative missionary position.

While the streets of Nottingham are some of the most dangerous in the country with all the shootings and stabbings, it was discovered that our bedrooms are in fact very safe.

68 per cent of us always use protective contraceptive measures, making the East Midlands the third best performing region behind Northern Ireland and Scotland.

However we don’t think we are very kinky, as Notts residents rated themselves a measly five out of ten on the kinky scale of “completely traditional” to “extremely experimental”.

This comes after the Tab’s sex survey revealed raunchy students at Nottingham had an average of 8.6 sexual partners, slightly above the nationwide university average of 8.2.

It makes a pleasant change for the women of Nottingham to be on top in a survey.