Simsly the best: Your winner of the best 7 Legged costume

Woohoo they won

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We asked you to vote for who you thought had the best 7 Legged costume and you did in your thousands. In a vote more dramatic than the X Factor six seat challenge, it was an unsurprising victory for the third year Sims girls who clenched over a thousand votes.

Speaking to the girls after their victory, Adult Nursing student, Hayley Allen told the Tab: “We bought the nude unitards off a dance website, then I made the headbands out of wire, cardboard and put small LED lights from light up balloons inside of it and secured it with a glue gun.

We’ve always been keen lovers of the Sims, so a chance to dress up as them couldn’t be missed”.

The infamous costumes caused a few perplexed double takes on the night as Industrial Economics student, Jordanne Chanes explains, “people were shocked when they saw us, mostly because they were trying to work out if we were actually naked. Once they realised we were indeed fully clothed, we were photographed and applauded.

“When we were in Ocean it was perfectly comfortable, but on the bar crawl it was difficult to climb up stairs because the pixels kept getting in the way.

Most of us ended the night out without any pixels on as they weren’t strong enough to withstand being picked up and thrown about in Ocean but thankfully we all came home with our hair bands intact and alight”.

The girls could not be missed throughout Ocean and they spoke of the benefits of their costume. Jodie Murray who studies Psychology said “the best thing about our costume was being able to find each other in the club and on the street all night. Light up hairbands are something all friendship groups should invest in for nights out.

“We are really proud of ourselves for winning the competition, it’s nice that Hayley’s artistic abilities have finally been recognised.”