We asked freshers what their favourite drink is

Cherry VKs m8

There’s so much to discover when you first get to uni. From new people to new nightlife, your opinions are shaped by Freshers’ week. So we hit campus to find out what drinks freshers couldn’t live without.

Finola, 1st Year Electrical Engineering

“Mojito. Reminds me of my holiday in Barcelona.”

Chris, 1st Year Politics

“A Grenade? Jager, Tequila and Red Bull. Done.”

Marcus, 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering

“Martini, it’s exotic and classy at the same time.”

Kristina, 1st Year International Media & Communication

4 times a day.”

Osasu, 1st Year Electrical Engineering

“Kopparberg because I have a sweet tooth.”

Dave, just visiting and Tash, 1st Year Counselling

Dave: “Fruity cider, love the summer vibes.”
Tash: “Malibu and Coke. I know it’s cheap but I always drink it.”

Ashlinn, 2nd Year History

“I used to hang out at a cocktail bar all the time… Just cocktails, one for every mood.”