We tested freshers on their knowledge of weird Notts slang

I bet you think ‘peng’ is short for penguin

Freshers are innocent, naive little souls. They have no real of the world of Nottingham and it’s many delicate intricacies.

To prove this, we gathered up some weird words and traditional East Midlands phrases commonly used in Nottingham, and asked some innocent freshers what they thought the words meant.

IMG_3088Eleanor Corish, 18, Ancaster

Word: “Mazzgi”

Eleanor’s Answer: “Crazy?”

Correct Answer: A cat.

IMG_3089Nicky, 18, Cavendish

Question: “Jagadahn”

Nicky’s Answer: ‘Get a move on”

Correct Answer: Did you go to the Nottingham Forest/ Nottingham County Match?


IMG_3091Josh, 19, Ancaster

Word: “Ay-Up miduk”

Josh’s Answer: “How are you, or what’s up?”

Correct Answer: Hello (usually, but not exclusively to a female)

IMG_3094Michael, 18, Broadgate Park

Question: “Ah’ve gone an dottied missen”

Michael Answer: ‘I’ve got everything I need’.

Correct Answer: I have soiled my hands.

IMG_3095Mark, 19, Broadgate Park

Word: “Wott yonnwee?”

Mark’s Answer: “What are you doing? Or where are you going?

Correct Answer: Do you want something?



Ben Saville, 18, Ancaster

Word: “Kawzi”

Ben’s Answer: “a chemical, or a mess”

Correct Answer: Pavement/ footpath

IMG_3090Hannah, 21, Lenton

Word: “Tabz”

Hannah’s Answer: “A tablet”

Correct Answer: Ears

IMG_3092Georgina, 19, Cavendish

Word: “Ittim wiyer poss”

Georgina’s Answer: ‘In with my posse”

Correct Answer: ‘Use your handbag for self defence”


Lily and Lucy, 20, Lenton

Question: “Meks yer tabs laf”

Their Answer: “Really funny”

Correct Answer: “My! This sauce is tangy”