We took Azeem Ward for a cheeky Nando’s in Notts

He didn’t even get chicken

It was back in May when Azeem Ward went from innocent, flute-playing senior at the University of California, to viral Facebook sensation in the UK overnight – as thousands of Brits clicked that they were attending his flute recital. The same month saw the term “cheeky Nandos” come to the forefront of quality British banter, with many posting on the Facebook event that they wished to take Azeem for one after his performance.

Where it all started

Where it all started

One student at the University of Nottingham achieved this dream, and got to hang out with the king of flute at the cheeky chicken restaurant – combining two of the biggest internet hits of 2015 thus far. After attending his rousing recital at Mooch on Sunday Night, Izzy, who is an English and History of Art second year, chirpsed Azeem into giving her his number and organised a Nandos get-together. The Azeem super fan told The Tab “I’ve always wanted to be a groupie and Azeem seems like  a great person to follow. If I could move my fingers as well as him I would be very happy.”


It turns out that  Azeem knows the Nandos menu just as well as he does the flute, having eaten at the chain 7 times in the 21 days he has been in the UK, working out an impressive lad level of 1 Nandos every 3 days.

Legendary Azeem told The Tab he likes to order something new every time he goes – this time opting for a controversial portobello mushroom wrap with sweet potato mash, but not shying away from the extra hot sauce option, washed down with Nando’s finest sangria.

Azeem loved the extra hot sauce

Azeem told us at the height of his fame he was confused by the people inviting him for a cheeky Nandos and did not know what the term meant. He said: “I wasn’t too sure, but I thought it could be some sort of sexual thing.” Although he may still be unclear by what is actually meant by a cheeky Nandos, Azeem has definitely developed a love for all things Piri Piri and is hopeful the chain will take off back home in the United States.