You’ll spend over £13,000 in Notts this year

Loans can’t come soon enough

Nottingham  undergrads are set to spend a staggering total of over £800 million during the course of this academic year.

According to research by financial services company Experian, university goers across the UK will spend over £30 billion in 2015.

The startling figure is set to soar to £37 billion by 2020, despite rising living costs and the worry of greater tuition fees.

Notts came in higher than the posh toffs in Oxford, who are only expected to shell out a meagre £600 million, but lower than Manchester’s massive £1.1 billion predicted spend.

Your average Notts student will spend around £13,000 this year, not so surprising when you take into account the cost of being absolutely classic.

Mo money mo problems

Mo money mo problems

Nottingham currently has a combined total of over 60,000 students who certainly aren’t afraid of splashing the cash on a night out.

The research has hopefully taken into account the lack of money in the pockets of our neighbours at Trent, who may have to ask their Dads to get a pay rise from our Dads.


Most of the money’s probably gonna end up here

Richard Jenkings, Senior consultant at Experian Marketing Services, said: “Student spending power has improved considerably in recent years and is set to increase a further seven billion pounds by 2020.
“This is a phenomenal amount and shows the impact this demographic has on local businesses and services in towns across the UK.

“Living costs across the country have shot up, alongside increases in the prices of food and leisure activities. This coupled with ever increasing rent, means that students still have to manage their disposable income carefully.”