And your Finale Party headliners are…

Example and some DJ

Example, the man who is constantly changing the way he kisses people, and whose 2010 album “Won’t Go Quietly” debuted at number 4 on the UK Albums Chart, is set to round off Fresher’s Finale with a bang.

Example has stated that he would be taking a break during 2015, with the view of releasing his sixth album in 2016, however perhaps it was all a cunning ploy in order to conserve energy for the wild Freshers of Notts.

Some keen freshers are already getting excited:


Whilst this marks a significant buck in the trend of below par, dated performers in previous years, it seems that the theme of the Fresher’s Finale 2015 is one of stark contrasts.

On the one hand we have an established performer set to really get things pumped; on the other – who the hell is DJ Wire?

A quick google search revealed that DJ Wire, also known as Samuel Wire, started out in the industry around 15 years ago and currently has around 15k followers on Twitter, with the crazy man heading out to Ibiza on the Tuesday just gone.


Since his start all those years ago, he has performed live at Rock City in November 2014, before Example himself appeared on stage. It seems the two have a long-standing relationship with them releasing a co-produced CD in 2011 titled “Example & DJ Wire Present The Playlist”, which begs the question, did the SU get a BOGOF offer on these bad boys?