McDonald’s man is bringing three more Maccy Ds to Notts

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A Notts entrepreneur who started his career working a deep-fat fryer is planning to open three more McDonald’s in Nottingham.

Jerry Nicholls already owns six maccies around the city and started off his career working in the Clumber Street branch, just around the corner from the Victoria Centre.

The 52-year-old, who employs in his own son in his newest restaurant, graduated from Notts with an Economics degree in 1985.

Jerry recently celebrated 30 years at the company

Jerry recently celebrated 30 years at the company

He is the exclusive franchisee for all restaurants in Nottingham, and has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of post night out Big Macs since he started 30 years ago.

He opened a Mcdonald’s earlier this year, just up the road from Trent’s Clifton campus and plans to open yet another, near Ikea, just outside the city.

He also hopes to add a further two restaurants to his portfolio soon after.

He told the Nottingham Post: “It’s a great place to work, I’m in the restaurants five or six days a week and I still eat the food. You can’t beat a Maccies breakfast.

“McDonald’s is always looking for new sites to open and I think they are looking to open two more in the next year and one more after that.

“Hopefully they will come to me again to take them on.

“Obviously they think I’m doing well because when they opened the Clifton restaurant they approached me to take over the running of it. It’s a partnership and it’s a great way to work. They help me grow and I help them grow.

He said: “I started at Clumber Street as an assistant manager aged 22. I’d studied at the University of Nottingham and worked for 15 years and got to a position where I was area manager.

His 23-year-old son Tom is the assistant manager at the Clifton restaurant and his wife Fiona works for Mcdonald’s head office.