Naughty Notts’ neighbours are the worst in the country

Stop being noisy

Nottingham residents are officially the worst neighbours in the country.

Beating out competition from every city in the UK, a survey found that 51% of Notts locals don’t speak to their neighbours very often, if at all and 30% don’t trust their neighbours.


No wonder the neighbours don’t like you

Perhaps unsurprisingly due to the amount of noise complaints in Lenton, only 11% of locals would class their neighbours as friends.

Nationally, only 5 per cent of 18-24 year olds speak to neighbours “very often”, compared to 37 per cent of over 65s, suggesting that maybe your grandma is right about the youth of today.

According to an independent survey by online blinds retailer Direct Blinds, getting to know neighbours is more popular with oldies, as a massive 95 per cent of those over 55 know their neighbour’s name.

Neighbours love calling these the fun police

Neighbours love calling these the fun police

But even though we don’t know our neighbours names, 76 per cent of people are still willing to lend items such as gardening tools and DIY products to their neighbours.

The most generous cities in the UK are Newcastle and Glasgow, where at least eight in 10 are willing to lend a cup of sugar to a neighbour.

Alongside Notts, Scousers and people from Leeds are the stingiest, with less than a quarter of people from Liverpool willing to lend something to their neighbour.

Notts residents made almost 750 noise complaints about house parties in the last year and a half.

Police statistics revealed 729 noise complaints in Nottingham student areas from September 2013 to February 2015.