Judge tells Notts local he’s ‘rubbish’ at growing weed

He went a bit potty

A Notts local has been burned by a local magistrate who said he was “rubbish” at growing his own drugs.

David Ogle, from Sneinton, has also been hit with a fine of £325 as well as being put on probation.

He was caught after a housing officer found evidence of a home-made growing set up in his one bedroom bedsit near Trent Bridge.

Notts Magistrates

He was parred by the judge at Notts magistrates

Ogle was ridiculed by the court for his botch job, with magistrate Andrew Walden burning him with the statement that “obviously you are rubbish at growing cannabis plants.”

The wannabe drug-lord is said to have been growing for his own consumption to avoid the cost of buying it, proceeding to grow the plants on a standard black bin liner, as well as relying on window light to stimulate and maintain the production of his skunk.

Ogle was growing weed without specialised equipment

Ogle was growing weed without specialised equipment

Mrs Margaret Martin, who was prosecuting, said 15 plants were seized in the one-room bedsit on August 5.

According to the Nottingham Post, she told the court: “The plants were on a black bin liner on the floor of the room.

“The plants were being watered by him and there was no other growing equipment. There was no special lighting, just natural light.

“The defendant said he looked on the internet for how to grow it because he smoked it. He said he had 20 plants but the rest died.

Ogle, a 35-year-old father of four, defended himself in court and said:”I feel stupid. I have lost everything, lost my place already. It has cost me a lot.

“I will go for any punishment I get.”

This comes just weeks after DARE, an anti-drugs campaign group, said that weed is no more dangerous than a flight of stairs.