Boardmasters: thrift, glitter and beachy vibes

Life’s a beach

The surf spirit inspired festival-goers at Boardmasters in Cornwall last weekend with appetites for thrift, glitter and beachy vibes at an all time high.

Amongst the bomber jackets and bucket hats there were mix and match trends with the festival energy we all crave.

Jamie, 19, administrative assistant

Caught this one at portaloo central

Caught this one at portaloo central

Pack the white tee and some trusty Nike trainers, and with plenty of Fresh Prince merchandise about you can grab a vibey shirt for the same price as a burger and chips.

Kiera/Emily, 18, students

Call it a belted satchel or bum bag, this item has been a hit all summer. Meanwhile why not twin sultry black tops with any denim or patterned shorts from your local Topshop or Forever 21. Denim being a component to 70s boho, be sure to keep tops simple and pair with any cool boots or wellies. Sass.

Oscar, 19, student

It’s all about the thrift. Avoid ironing that third hand top for a distressed tee, and pair it with self-cut topman jeans like this guy. Smear a little paint on them for the artistic edge. The football socks were scrapped by his sister apparently, but he saw the potential.

Zara/Sophie/Megan, 18, students

Bikini-clad and good times to be had, this trio model single pieces harking back to the 70s with romantic lace detail, off shoulders and eastern evocations. Or go mesh for an answer to graphic sportswear – partly revealing, party concealing. Don’t forget the ankle bracelets and tassle bag. Shoutout to Primark for the little things that matter.

Emily, 19, second year Sports Coaching

This versatile Saltrock maxi could last you beyond the festival turnout for more sophisticated occasions, and being 100% cotton it’s guaranteed to be comfortable.

Jay/George, 19, students

They don't wash themselves or their clothes

They don’t wash themselves or their clothes

No suprise that Levi’s feature somewhere. Jay on the left wears their sweater featuring a classic V inset, designed for the long haul and undoubted good quality. George wears a pair of Nike SB x Poler shoes – ideal for all weather conditions –  paired with a vintage flannel shirt.

Demi, 19, music business

Or just be a horse

Or just be a horse

Fresh off Ebay you can always sport some kind of fancy dress. Even Kate Moss wore corduroy for more than two decades and yet again it appears this summer for its durability and soft, lustrous feel. See Urban Outfitters like Demi for the patterned shirts, trendy skirts and bum bags. To top it all off and keep to budget, she sticks to Tesco Value socks.