Uber is coming to Notts


Bigwigs at Notts City Council have officially given the green light for Uber to start in Nottingham.

In the most exciting move since DG brought a lambo to freshers fair, the app,which can already be used in London,Leeds and Sheffield was given a licence last Thursday.

Uber says it can offer cheaper prices than rival firms because it saves on costs by providing the nearest drivers and using a centralised meter.

The company – which set up shop in the UK three years ago – has attracted controversy because its drivers don’t have to be trained or hold taxi licences.

Definitely a on-campus gamechanger

Definitely a on-campus gamechanger

Third year Becca is thrilled that Nottingham is finally moving into the 21st Century. She said:”As a huge uber fan, this is great news.

“Uber is much faster and more reliable, it’s also great because you never have to worry about having cash.

“But it’s definitely going to feel weird, I have loyalty to DG and their £2 taxis.”

Some local cabbies fear the cheaper prices could drive them out of business.

Hackney carriage driver Paul said: “People who have apps and are sitting on the train will just book their taxis on their phone rather than catching a black cab outside.

“A journey we do for a tenner might be £6 with Uber so it’s going to have a big effect on all the taxi trade in Nottingham.”

Could this be the end of the Hackney carriage

Could this be the end of the Hackney carriage

Max Lines, Uber general manager for Manchester and Sheffield, will oversee the Nottingham launch “in the next few months”.

Yesterday he said: “It’s really great to have got the licence as we’ve proved that we’re going to be good for the city.

“There’s already excitement from students and other people who have used it elsewhere.”

Andrew Byrne, Uber head of public policy in the UK, said full checks including criminal records, are made for all drivers and vehicles are regularly tested.

Councillor Nick McDonald, portfolio holder for transport at Nottingham City Council, said: “Representatives from Uber presented to the Council’s regulatory and appeals committee on Friday morning.

“The decision was taken to grant the application subject to an additional condition that we have a contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if we need to get in touch with them outside office hours.