What did you want to be as a kid?

‘I don’t know, I just want to be happy’

From 8 to 18 a lot can change. You get new friends, new interests and a very different outlook on life. I cornered a few Dorset dwellers to have a little chat about want they want to be when they grow up.

Rhodri, 18, lifts pedalos

This boy is up for anything!

 Then: “Um, I think a spaceman.”
Now: “Anything, any job I’ll take it.”

Jade, 19, student

Some have it all planned out

She’s got it all planned out

Then: “Singer in a rock band. Kinda still do.”
Now: “Other than that? An English teacher first then I’ll return to uni when I’m 45 and become a therapist.”

Ellie, 20, sales assistant

People who ride bikes are dreamers

Then: “Nurse.. I used to collect medical stuff and everything, tonnes of it, stethoscopes and that.”
Now: “I’d love to be a make up artist.”

Josh, 19, student

Isn’t it obvious?

Then: “Footballer, I like football.”
Now: “I just want to be rich!”

Jack, 18, gap year

Then: “Rugby player.”
Now: “I’d like to make money, but not have to work.”

Annie, 19, student

That’s Disney for you

Then: “The embarrassing answer? I wanted to be a mermaid.”
Now: “A marine biologist, it’s quite similar.”

Jacob, 19, lifeguard

Then: “I don’t know what I wanted to be.”
Now: “Still don’t know, just want to be happy.”