Du you look as good as this? Meet the best dressed fresher in Nottingham

He even has one for cycling


This is the chiseled look of a classy fresher notorious for his collection of suits.

First year Charles Du takes being well dressed very seriously, filling his wardrobe with 10 finely crafted suits.

When asked why he had so many, Charles said: “Why not?”

Chemistry student Charles likes cycling, plays jazz piano and sweats ‘classy’.

He has a suit for every occasion, including a green one for St. Patrick’s Day.

The Rutland fresher said: “I own 9. No wait, 10. I just got a new one.”

The suave individual even drinks whiskey in a fine tumbler, not just a washed up mug – poured from a snazzy decanter.

Here’s him in a standard tuxedo – nothing special once you see what’s coming.


The name’s Du, Charles Du

For the St Patrick’s Day Hall formal, he wore a fitting bright green suit paired appropriately with an equally shiny emerald bow tie.

He didn’t even warn anyone about the scandalous outfit choice, saying on arrival: “What?”


You’re green with envy

Mr Du once wore a suit on a night out and arrived in the same suit to breakfast the next morning – he hadn’t made it back yet, the cheeky devil. What’s more, he was still donning it at dinner in the evening. The man’s just too busy to get out of his suit.

Charles doesn’t disappoint when relaxing either, sometimes staying in his suit.

He said: “It’s usually just a plain t-shirt. Or I’d probably just hang the blazer and keep everything else on.”

Another notable occasion was a Christmas formal, for which he selected the tinsel-esque colours red and gold. Somehow, he pulls it off.


Charles and his festive glow

To celebrate the end of exams and therefore the start of a whiskey-and-fitness-filled summer, he donned a white suit with a pale blue shirt. Whilst you were probably drinking by 11am and passed out by 5, he spent the day boating on the lake clad in this outfit.


Fruit for your body and your soul

Charles says men should never hide among the crowd. He added: “Stand out. Always.”

For a day out in London he even donned a white suit and an incredibly bright shirt and tie combination.


Just waiting for a mate

Charles has even managed to fund his garms on a budget. His whole suit collection has cost him just under £1,000 – for 10 suits, that’s not so bad, though his most expensive is around £300.


Just part of Charles’ collection

The 19-year-old said: “My favourite has to be the black Van Heusen suit. It has the best materials, fits the best and has the most possible uses.”

To pull a suit off as well as this guy, you have to keep in shape. This is where Charles’ cycling comes in, and suits play a part in this area of his sophisticated lifestyle too.

He claimed: “I only wear it to lectures, not when I’m actually playing sport.”

But this photo begs to differ.


Are you anywhere near this cool?