England’s Joe Root ‘absolutely smashed’ on mad one with the boys at Crisis all-nighter

A year since Gary Ballance took his top off


Boozy England cricket players graced a Nottingham nightclub to celebrate their victory at a student night.

A year after The Tab’s scoop on Gary Ballance shirtless and drunk in Pandora’s Box, England’s cricketing elite seemed much better behaved at the Crisis all-nighter at Rock City.

They took photos with punters and danced till the early hours with students celebrating the end of term last Wednesday after beating New Zealand in a one day match.

Kyle with bowler Steven Finn, who went home early

Kyle with bowler Steven Finn, who went home early

Second year Kyle O’Sullivan, 20, partied with Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Ben Stokes and Joe Root who, having scored a whopping 106 not out to seal the victory, was “smashed”. But Steven Finn bailed early.

Finance student Kyle said: “Joe root was absolutely smashed. He was the best of the lot. He kept hugging and kissing everyone. I can remember dancing to Cotton Eye Joe with him, earning him a new nickname.

“The others were just having a laugh think they were reasonably pissed though. Doing the Macarena with them was another highlight.

“Finn went home earlier than the rest. It was like a night out with your mates. People just thought they were part of our group.”

Joe Root, left, who was 'absolutely smashed'

Joe Root, right, who was ‘absolutely smashed’


Joe Root leading the international squad

Cricket fan Kyle first spotted the players around 2:30 as they entered the club and was surprised not to see them in the VIP section.

He said: “So we heard rumours they were at crisis, so assumed they’d be in VIP, couldn’t find them so just thought it was a myth, went to the upstairs balcony and happened to see them near the photo booth, this was at about 2:30.

“Had like 2 guys and 3 girls with them, but completely happy to talk and dance with everyone.”

The players were happy to accept drinks and relax, with no shirts being taken off one year after Ballance made national papers for saying: “I’m asbolutely fucked.”

Kyle and friends with Alex Hales (second from right)

Kyle and friends with Alex Hales (second from right)

All-rounder Ben Stokes

All-rounder Ben Stokes

Kyle added: “I spilt Alex Hales’ drink so I thought I’d get him another. I just banged into him and it went on the floor, was a single vodka so I upgraded it to a double. My mate bought them a round of jägerbombs for them too.

“It was brilliant because not may people recognised them so they had so much time for us. My mates had been to the match as well so they were loving it.

“They left just before us, and we got out at 5:30, was broad daylight and the realisation of it all hit us.”

The revelry came on the day of England’s victory by seven wickets in the fourth game of the ODI series against New Zealand, beating the record for the highest ever one-day run chase.

Hopefully their hangovers will have cleared by the first ball of the fifth game at 10.30am on Saturday.