Outrage at last night’s shambles of a grad ball

Where did all the money go?

What should have been a magical evening celebrating the end of three years of hard work and beautiful friendships descended into chaos.

Disappointed grad-ballers, who paid up to £70 for a ticket, have vented their anger on the Facebook event, calling for refunds and for the SU to take a long hard look at themselves.

The free sweetie room ran out of sweets too

The free sweetie room ran out of sweets too

Not only were they all shipped out to Donington Hall, 15 miles away from Lenton, but when they got there drinks were expensive, the chips were soggy, and there was no such thing as tap water.

Those who had coughed up £70 for the meal were left far from impressed. It’s claimed those with allergies were presented with turkey twizzlers instead of vegetarian ravioli.

gradball 2

A bottle of wine cost £17.50 and it was £3 for a bottle of water.

A disappointed grad said: “It was supposed to be a big celebration at the end of uni. I spent all the money I took with me on my first drink and they didn’t accept cards, so the result was a cold and sober night. Who wants to feel sober in a tux?

“It just seemed disorganised and I’m not sure where the money went.”


However, you could buy a pint of wine for £8 – it was that kind of classy event.

There was some confusion about card payments, with bar staff getting people to write their details on a scrap of paper.

Helen Ansell had an ents ticket and has a long list of complaints: long queues for the bar and toilets and the price of drinks were “beyond insanity”.

She said: “I think they really took advantage of the fact people in their last year will pay a premium because it’s such an important night to them.”

Sauna tent

Sauna tent

Jasmin Anderson wasn’t totally disappointed and one of the only people to actually have a good time, despite everything.

She said: “It had all the foundations of a good night but things like the music jumping from rock to r’n’b every few songs and the queue for the bar being an hour and a half brought it down.”

People who live locally won’t be welcoming the event again either, it was too noisy for a Tuesday night in a sleepy rural area.

And to top it all of there was no wifi or signal so no one could even snapchat.

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