Uni feminism is toxic to everyone, especially women

Life doesn’t come with trigger warnings

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Feminism is the on-trend cause célèbre for white middle class students – this is nothing new. 

Our parents generation had Vietnam and the CND and their parents before them had conscientious objectors and women’s suffrage.

But unlike whiny hippies or intellectuals that were too self-absorbed to fight for their country, today’s uni feminists have a vice-like grip on the moral sensibilities of the NUS and SUs around the country.

I used to consider myself a feminist. I’m immensely proud of the fact that I’m a citizen of two of the first countries to ever elect female heads of government.

I’m not a rapist, I don’t harass women in the street and shock horror, I believe, apart from the obvious physical differences, men and women are pretty much the same.

But according to today’s brood of Stepford students, I can’t be a proper feminist because they make it virtually impossible unless you’re as radical as them.

women are not female

The NUS conference  for women asked people not to use the word women

With their tone policing and bullshit chatter about “microagressions”, they condemn any who can’t keep up with their thousands of constantly changing rules about which words are, and much more importantly, aren’t allowed.

Nowhere is this toxic brand of middle-class self indulgence more prevalent than in the Oxford-based facebook group Cuntry Living. A self described “hive mind”, this is truly the dark rotting core of all that is wrong with modern feminism.

In this so called “safe space”, rationally thinking people are anything but. Even the Guardian and radical feminist Germaine Greer aren’t safe from their bile-filled vitriol.

If you dare to use such disgusting language as “idiot” or “censorship” you will be blocked by their army of ever vigilant moderators who will defend their right to call for the castration and execution of men because to them free speech only works in one direction.

Take the way they dealt with Labour’s election loss last month.

Instead of behaving like the highly educated, civilised students that they should be, the home of the self appointed moral arbiters of women’s rights descended into chaos.

There were serious, literal comparisons made with Tories and the KKK and people genuinely believing that working class people that voted Conservative were either murderers or too stupid to know better.

They will circle jerk themselves into a frenzy over literally any perceived slight while conveniently ignoring the fact that the “crushing societal oppression” they claim to hate has actually allowed them to get into the best university in the world.

white men are shits

People in this group are too scared to comment for fear of being personally attacked for not sticking to the party line and having the angry hordes of keyboard warriors descend on them and rip them apart.

By getting so wound up about the smallest injustices they widen the gap between those with the right vocab and arguing strategies and real, normal women and men that are fighting for the same goal.

But this is not a uniquely Oxbridge phenomenon. I’ve lost track of the amount of female friends at unis up and down the country that don’t want to be called a feminist, because they don’t want to be associated with groups as zealous as today’s feminist warriors.

And therein lies the real issue. Today’s ultras are too busy tone policing and stewing in their own smug self-superiority that they’re not actually doing any feminism.

When you’re focused on getting people like me to “check their privilege” and change my vocabulary instead of going out into the real world and beating men at their own game or even just meeting women that suffer real oppression you’re failing not just yourselves, but women as a whole.

Being smug in your beliefs is great – I understand why they love it – but when you’re trying to promote your cause to society as a whole, you should be all inclusive, not trying to shame others or cast them aside because they forgot to put one of the infinite numbers of trigger warnings on a Facebook post.

Margaret Thatcher was ten times the woman and ten times the feminist these whiny champagne social justice warriors will ever be. She smashed through the glass ceiling handbag first,they sit and bitch and moan from the sidelines.

The world is not a “safe space”. You shouldn’t be more concerned with a tube ad than with the millions of women around the world who are actually oppressed, not just looking for a cause to jump on whilst they’re bored at uni.

Life is a nasty, brutally meritocratic shit-show – it doesn’t come with trigger warnings.