BNOC of the year – Heat 3


Sam Clarke-Knowles


Sam is a player in every sense of the word. This first team hockey player scored the winning goal at varsity this year and got naked in the name of the ‘No Homophobia in Sports’ campaign.

He’s a Lenton and Wortley alumni and originates from Kent so is high on the rah scale. Sam’s never far from a pair of chinos, the Crisis balcony and a fit, tall unsuspecting girl.

Stuart Mould


Just look at him smoulder. We don’t know much about second year mechanical engineer Stuart but one thing we do know is that he knows everyone.

Philly van Kan


This History of Art and fashion fanatic, who has her own super successful blog, can usually be found in Hallward or at the Jubilee gym.

If she’s not there, she’s probably cutting some serious shapes at Shapes or Crisis.

Can she win BNOC of the year? Yes, we think she (van) Kan.

Ellie Davis


Likes to spend her days sitting on the sofa playing kimmy k on her phone and socialising with as few people as possible. But she’ll never miss a lecture, never miss a night out and is still loved by absolutely everyone.

Mary McCarthy


Mary (left) is the new President of Ladies Hockey, Hugh Stu week one rep and proper Leeds gal. You may remember her from the infamous video on the buy and sell page – “I’m from Leeds, what the fuck are you gonna do about it?”