BNOC of the year: Heat 2

This bunch are all very social

This lot have all been nominated by their mates and unsurprisingly have an extensive CV of society credentials.

Ludovic Cetto

Ludovic Cetto

What a name for what a man. A brief recap of how he’s achieved his popularity at uni: WeekOne Rep 2013, WeekOne Exec Treasurer 2014, Founder/President of Hope Soc, Chem Eng Social Sec, NUsnow Trip Sec, has been on pretty much every ski trip since starting uni.

He’s only missed a total of five oceans over the past three years and is friends with Rob Morgan (the ‘Fuck the Tab’ t-shirt guy).

Tom Abrams

Tom on the left

Tom on the left

Tom Abrams has been casually dropping it into conversation that he wants to be nominated. Nothing like a BNOC who is confident in their popularity.

Lucy Woodall


From Yorkshire and the standout accent from the North Weezy crew. Known for best bum and there is not one rave you won’t find her at.

James (Jim) Tilby-Jones

Tilby BNOC

Jim is an accidental BNOC with a gentle persona and a love of deep house. He has an impressive social CV: social sec for Derby hall, social sec for NUsnow, and resident DJ of both the Bakery and CMYK. And he often struggles to move around his second home, Hallward library, without being smothered by fandom.

Kelly Marks


Always seen in conversation and with a great hold on the club scene than Adam Periera himself, Kelly is a spearhead of the NWL Jew scene. Need a ticket to a night? Kelly will know someone. Need that person to shut up in Hallward? That’s probably Kelly too.

Ilana Fox


Pint-sized Ilana might be small but you’ll know she’s around before you’ve seen her. Louder than life and always cracking jokes, this party animal can be found in the Jubilee gym if not out every night.

The winner of this round will go through to a final BNOC-off with some other popular people you hate to love.