Snakes, shades and squads, were you spotted at the BGP formal?

There was lots of free wine

After ticket collecting dramas and a controversial date change, the Broadgate spring formal finally took place on the 5th of May.

Getting a ticket to this hotly anticipated event proved challenging for some, due to a limited amount of tables.

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Eager freshers were made to queue in the courtyard shop once tables had been arranged, followed by buying tickets on the SU website at 8pm that evening.

After already forcing the Broagate residents to queue for tickets, the JCR made frenetic formal goers queue at the courtyard on the day of the event to wait for the buses to the venue.

Once everyone arrived at the location, even more queuing greeted them before they could take their seats. The Goosedale Conference and Banqueting Suite had a beautiful view, not that anyone noticed with all the free wine about.

A lucky few got their palms read and held snakes. The night ended up being another entertaining one with live belly dancers and DJ.

Here are our picks of the best pics from the night:

Most squads looked pretty on on point

Most squads looked pretty on on point




the hottest guy there


meester lovva lovaa


cheer up mate


all the single ladies

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even the snake is on point


simmer down m9

simmer down m9

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who said size doesn't matter?

who said size doesn’t matter?

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When the squad looking on point

When the squad looking on point