Finalists rush to sign petition demanding free graduation streaming

Don’t we pay enough?

An angry Psychology finalist has started a petition to make the live streaming of graduation free.

In just over an hour it received 212 signatures from already cash-strapped finalists and now has over 600.

It costs £20 each for a guest ticket. It then costs £12 for a streaming ticket where your family and friends can watch from the comfort of a neighbouring marquee.

The petition calls upon the university to make the streaming free.


Claire Lennox who started the petition is in a bit of a dilemma. She said: “I want both my parents there and I’ve managed to get tickets for them but I am having to decide between either my boyfriend or one of my four sisters.”

Claire watched her two older sisters graduate from Oxford Brookes and Sheffield a couple of years ago at home with her grandparents, but it doesn’t look like they will be able to afford to do the same.

This is the first graduating class to be charged the hefty £9,000 fees and all of a sudden the costs of actually getting that very expensive piece of paper are adding up.

Finalists have rushed to sign the petition and have left their reasons on the page.

They include Mia Barton-Hogan who commented: “It is only fair for the university to do this. We pay them enough and graduation should not be another money making scheme.”

Greg Poulter-Jones added: “We spend 9 grand a year and the university can’t spend a little just to congratulate us?”

Graduation has been a sore point for this year’s third years because of the grad ball cock-up and the fact that Trent no longer charge for guest tickets.

You can sign the petition here.