Nottingham will be voting Conservative tomorrow but only just

Labour leering on their shoulders

Nottingham will be voting Conservative tomorrow by the narrowest of margins. 

The Tab’s Election poll has revealed 37 per cent of you have said you’ll be voting for the Tories tomorrow. Labour support follows closely with 34 per cent.

The sorrowful Liberal Democrats managed to gain a mere 6 per cent in the poll, with barmy UKIP claiming 3 per cent of your votes.

The results of the The Tab’s poll show that first years are likely to vote Labour, with 36 per cent of them saying they’re in support of Miliband. Post-grads are also showing more support for Labour, with 41 per cent of them saying they’ll be choosing Labour tomorrow.

It’s a different story among second, third and fourth years. 38 per cent of second years said they’ll voting for the Tories, and over 40 per cent of third and fourth years declaring support for Cameron and the Conservatives.

The Tories campaign is definitely taking an interesting turn, with third year politic student Alex Bright declaring that tomorrow is Erection Day.

Tory tactics are looking interesting.

Tory tactics are looking interesting.

You can’t blame Nottingham for standing up and declaring support for the Tories with flyers like that from our politics students.

National polls are showing a marginal lead for the Labour party, but Conservative are closely behind them. Tomorrow’s election result is looking fairly unpredictable, with most polls showing less than a 5 per cent gap between the two major parties.