Andy Hoe’s bouncer left battered by ‘boisterous’ bullies

‘Tom is literally the most placid, un-doorman like guy we have’

Andy Hoe has called out thugs who allegedly assaulted one of his Ocean doormen in an altercation in the smoking area.

Posting on Facebook, the King of Ocean explained his doorman Tom, who was “set upon by four students” calling him: “literally the most placid, un-doorman like guy we have”.

The incident is believed to have been kicked off by a request to see the IDs of four punters who were acting “particularly boisterous”.


The beaten up face of Ocean doorman Tom

Hoe said: “The first person [Tom] asked was the one who was being the most boisterous, and arsey about being spoken to, who also happened to be black.

“He then, along with his friends, decided to kick off and accuse Tom of being racist because he asked him first. The situation then got more heated and Tom told them they had to leave and went to do this.

“He was set on by at first one then the rest of them, punched a few times and then kicked in the head and apparently stamped on…he was taken to hospital by the police.”

Ocean empty

The three suspects are believed to have been detained by police last night, but their identities have not yet been revealed.