These are the people that want your votes on May 7th

It’s the 77th most marginal seat in the country

On May the 7th, most of the country’s attention will be on one of the most exciting elections in a generation.

Milifans and Cameronettes will clash over the future of the country and battle it out to decide who gets to form a weird coalition with parties that don’t really like them.

But what does the election mean for Notts students? Who’s actually running? and more importantly what hollow promises are they making?

These are the candidates running in Nottingham South that want your votes on May 7th.

Jane Hunt – Conservatives


Jane was born on a council estate in Manchester and was the first in her family to go to university. A former school governor and current borough councillor, Jane is trying to be the first Tory MP in Nottingham south since 1992.

She’s promising to work with the police to ensure student safety against crime, especially burglaries and bike theft. Jane says she’ll also fight to protect student bus discounts and lobby to improve cycle paths in Lenton and Dunkirk.

Vote for Jane if…. Privatisation and lower taxes turn you on.

Deborah Newton Cooke – The Lib Dems


Deb could be the nicest lady in the world, but no student is realistically getting her vote. Locals may also be turned off by her centrist ramblings and the fact she lives 400 miles away in Brussels.

Her party are the reason you are balls deep in debt and she’s not even from round here, nothing else really needs to be said.

Vote for Deborah if… you have a poor memory/don’t mind the colour yellow.

Andrew Clayworth – TUSC (Trade Unions and Socialist Coaliton)


Andy, who previously ran against Tory heavyweight Ken Clarke in Rushcliffe in 2010, is  food scientist, Unite Rep and graduate of Anglia Ruskin.

His party, a more radical form of Labour, are promising to end austerity and to “build a new party for ordinary people”.

Vote for Andy if…. you think Karl Marx was probably an alright chap

Lilian Greenwood – Labour


Lil’ Greenwood has been the MP for Nottingham South since may 2010, winning with a narrow margin of 1772. Polls suggest she’s almost certain to keep her seat and her job as part of the Shadow Transport team.

Labour want to cut stamp duty for first time buyers and cut tuition fees to £6,000.

Vote for Lilian if… you enjoy watching Ed Miliband eat pork products

David Hollas MBE – UKIP


Dave is a recently retired Army Office who served for 34 years including stints in Northern Ireland, the Balkans and the Gulf.

His party stands for an immediate referendum on EU membership and an Australian-style points based system of immigration as well as getting rid of tuition fees for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths students.

Vote for Dave if… You’re just an ordinary bloke who likes real ale and smokes a pack a day.

 Adam McGregor – The Green Party

adam macgregor

Adam is a former student at Notts and was unsurprisingly involved with the Green Students society. He wants to cancel all student debt and “a holistic health service that prevents as well as treats illness”.

His party also wants a complete ban on cages for hens and rabbits, and to outlaw the use of the whip in horse racing. They’re also calling for the ganja to be legalised and raves to be regulated.

Vote for Adam if… Your clothes are made of hemp and you haven’t had a shower in a while.

Our Prediction for Nottingham South:

Polls are predicting that there’s a 90% chance that Labour will hold the seat, but the Tories shouldn’t be completely written off as they’ve held this seat before. The others parties probably aren’t in with a shot in hell at winning, but the Greens may not lose completely, thanks to the fact that there’s 2 unis in this constituency.