Tory and Labour face off as Notts Uni still undecided

Let’s get ready to rumble

Notts is still confused over who it’s going to vote for.

Nottingham students seem evenly divided, as there is no clear winner between support for Tories and Labour.

31 per cent of 799 Notts students interviewed in the survey by HighFliers showed identical support for both Conservative and Labour Parties.

Despite Nottingham students being torn between the two parties, Nottingham locals seem adamantly pro Labour.

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Interestingly, with 40 per cent of Nottingham students having received a private education prior to University, which is actually the same percentage as Durham, it seems interesting that our support towards the Tories is 14 per cent lower than theirs.

The Conservative Party are the most popular party at 14 out of 30 universities and Labour at 11 which were included in the a recent poll by HighFliers.

Universities with the highest percentage of Tory voters were Durham, Imperial College London, Exeter and Loughborough.

However, Nottingham seem to be on a par with the general consensus of the majority of other Universities, with 31 per cent of finalists intending to vote for both Labour and Conservative.


29 per cent of Notts students said they’ll be voting Green, keeping the Green Party in close contention for the win among Nottingham students. Recently, the Green Party’s success has declined amongst students, yet this recent poll shows how they could make a potential comeback.

In 2010, Nottingham students’ top choice was the Conservative Party with 43 per cent of students’ votes, with Labour coming in second spot. In 1997, 46 per cent of finalists voted in Labour to success.