The owner of Blackwell’s is giving thousands to UKIP

Julian gave Nigel £175,000


The owner of Blackwell’s Bookshops has given £175,000 to UKIP.

The store – which has hundreds of branches across UK campuses used by naive first years – is owned by Julian Blackwell who funds the europhobic party.

Julian, famed for public spats, has given the party £175,000 in the last five years.

A ‘Books Not Bigots’ protest was staged in Oxford last year outside a branch of Blackwell’s against the owner’s support for the party.

UKIP’s relationship with student union’s isn’t a happy one, after their society was nearly banned from starting at Trent. The Union had a change of heart after initially stopping Young Independence from being established.

A UKIP MEP said Trent’s SU were “scared of democracy”.

Derby also voted to ban a candidate from speaking on campus for extremist views.

farage egg

Pint huffing Farage, the party’s leader, raised eyebrows in a televised debate when he seemingly blamed a stretched NHS on foreigners with HIV.

He was also egged during a visit to Nottingham last year by a protester who called UKIP a bunch of “sad, scared old men”.

It’s unclear whether Mr Blackwell plans to give more money to the party in the run up to the general election on the 7th May with the party currently polling at 14 per cent.