Hoe awarded honorary degree for services to entertainment

His title will be Dr. of Entertainment

King of Ocean Andy Hoe has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Nottingham for his services to local business.

The universally loved club owner, who has been running Ocean for the last 12 years, has finally been recognised for his iconic addition to Friday night.

Proud Andy with his certificate

Proud Andy with his certificate

Andy, whose wife went to Trent, but self-admittedly wasn’t smart enough to go to Uni himself, told The Tab he was thrilled with the award: “I’m absolutely ecstatic, I finally have a better degree than my wife and am officially the clever one in the house.

“Rather than go to Uni for 3 years and get drunk, I’ve been putting up with drunken students for the last 12 years so think I do deserve it..if only a little bit.

“I’m glad the Uni has finally realised the huge cultural impact Ocean has on the city. Who knows, maybe I could do the double and get one from Trent too?”

Andy will receive his certificate in July, along with this year’s crop of finalists, but will not have to pay for his invited guests.

andy hoe letter pic

Third year Computer Scientist Jack, who is due to get his degree alongside Andy told The Tab: “I’m really pleased the uni is finally taking note of what matters to students, this is the best possible degree they could’ve awarded this year.”

Andy will join a presitigious list of owners of honorary degrees from Notts which includes PMs Clement Atlee and Harold Wilson as well as Sir Ian McKellen and Nelson Mandela.


Before you message Sir David Greenaway thanking him, check your calendar…