Wait – you don’t get oiled up and wrestle at your socials?

He’s got the chair


This is is moment the Notts Rugby league team took part in an greasy WWE themed social. 

Featuring a weigh in, an RKO takedown and several tag-team bouts, this is a sneak peek into the mysterious world of Rugby team socials.

Team mates are seen lovingly oiling each other in preparation for their fierce contests.

The brave warriors were dressed in a variety of shiny short shorts and traditional wrestling attire, with some even adorning bright blonde hair extensions.





All manner of professional moves with thrown, including technically demanding lifts, slams and holds.

Proceedings were lubricated with pints aplenty being both spilled and drunk as the carnage unfolded.

It is not known who walked away with title belt at the end of the tightly fought tournament, but with such close competition, it was anyone’s game.

After the tussling came to an abrupt end, the ladiators engaged in a suprisingly family friendly singalong featuring crowd favourites such as eternal classics Now you’re gone by BassHunter and the Arthur theme song.

Vice 1st Captain/ S&C sec Nathan told The Tab:” We always do something special for our AGM so the committee got together and that’s how the Royal Rumble came about.

“All the lads really enjoyed the events, especially ‘Tables Pints and Chairs’ and the ‘Tag Team Race’.”