No more Week One Reps as Copson shakes up Freshers’ week

A little piece of Notts tradition just died

From this year, WeekOne Reps will be replaced by Welcome Mentors who are cherry picked by the Union instead of elected after the legendary hustings. 

In a blog post, Harry Copson today announced huge changes to the way that Fresher’s week is run after the furore over Cavendish’s necrophilia chant.

Welcome Mentors will replace Week One Reps at all the locations that new students arrive and will be interviewed by SU big wigs instead of elected by their peers.

Hustings like this will be a thing of the past

Hustings like this will be a thing of the past

The infamous WeekOne Hustings are to be a thing of the past, with candidates no longer getting to eat fish guts or snort condoms in order to rep Fresher’s week.

In his post, Copson laid out further details including the number of mentors. He said: “Smaller halls like Nightingale and Florence Boot will have a minimum of 6 mentors with this number rising as the halls rise in the number of students they accommodate.

“Whilst we’ve previously had around 90 Week One Reps, there are likely to be more like 170 Welcome Mentors.”

From 5pm today role descriptions for  the Welcome Mentor roles and the Co-ordinating Committee roles will go live on the SU website.

Welcome Mentors will not be recruited until after the Easter break.

These reforms come after the Cavendish chant scandal that resulted in fines for the offending WeekOne reps.