Bold SU’s Patrick’s Day pints stand against Uni’s anti drinking message

Who know who’s right

Our boozehungry SU has contradicted advice from uni bosses by encouraging students to sink a few this Paddy’s day and even offering free pints. 

The heroic SU bombarded unsuspecting punters with messages to drink Guinness with the promise of free hats.

They have even hidden ten vouchers for a free Guinness in the Portland building.

This attempt to court the drinking exposed a potential clash between the aims of the Uni and the SU after the university used your fees to pay for an advert to stop you boozing.


Last month, uni bigwigs paid for a sponsored article on the Guardian website imploring freshers to put down the pint when searching for evening entertainment.

Drinking expert and alcohol correspondent Chris Milner said: “This is a confusing message for these two organisations to be sending, it’s like parents fighting over a child in a messy divorce.”