American burger chain Five Guys lands in Market Square

Annie’s just got a big rival

Delicious burger joint Five Guys have set up shop in our very own Market Square.

In the most exciting turn of events Market Square has seen since Winter Wonderland brought a helter skelter, Notts finally has it’s own version of this hit american chain which opened yesterday.

With other US fast food chains like Taco Bell and Sbarro hard to come by, market leaders Five Guys are finally bringing over something worth drooling over.

For the saver menu this chain lacks, it will more than make up for in taste and choice.

Although a burger, fries and a drink may set you back up to a cool £15, you could at least save the £1 bus journey back by just rolling down Derby Road as you will be leaving satisfied and certainly more rotund.

We all know that post ocean feeling, you’re too hungover to cook and something bland just will not suffice.

There are over 100 beverage choices from 2 machines and you can finally satisfy that raspberry Coca Cola and grape Fanta craving you’ve been having.

Although not for the tight fisted and health conscious, this place is definitely worth a visit for a real taste from across the pond.